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Premium SkillZHub Members 

  • have exclusive access to the members-only discussion forum
⇒    for posting messages
⇒    requesting/creating dedicated discussion boards
  • SkillZBriefs - articles of interest and the full text of papers presented at SkillZHub conferences (where speakers are able to make them available).  SkillZBriefs are available here
  • Syndicated material:
⇒    members contributions
⇒    commissioned for the SkillZHub Premium members
  • Discounts on 
⇒    SkillZHub events
⇒    Advertising on the website and/or in the digest and newsletters
In addition, you will still get 
⇒   Access to the "old" SkillZHub Forum
⇒    Access to the Notice Board
⇒   The SkillZHub Digest
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